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Eyelash Extensions

Starting prices ;

Eyelash extensions are lashes made of synthetic mink that are individually attached to your existing lashes semi-permanently. Completely customized, before you lay down on the bed  a discussion about; length, thickness, color, shape and style. We offer many different varieties of lash options. Enjoy a "lash nap" while one of our technicians attaches lashes and before you know it, you wake up flawless. 

Full set classic lashes

60 min classic fill

30 min classic fill




Full set hybrid lashes

60 min hybrid fill

30 min hybrid fill

Full set volume lashes

60 min volume fill

30 min volume fill







Full set mega volume lashes


90 min mega volume fill


60 min mega volume fill


Full set colorful lashes

Colorful lash add on

Lash lift

Lash tint

Brow lamination






Lash fill sheet.png

**First time getting lashes? Book a Full Set!

*If you have cancelled or no showed your appointment more than 3 times, we require a $50 deposit required when booking appointments over 2+ hours. Thanks~

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